War On Christmas At "American" Apparel:"Happy Holidays" And A Rabbit? Who Ever Heard Of A Christmas RABBIT?
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In 2009, I wrote

One part of American Apparel's appeal is their advertising, featuring pictures of young women in, and half out of, their products. This is disapproved of by feminists but approved of by red-blooded American men. Another part of their appeal to the customer is the name: American Apparel. They advertise that their products were "made in downtown L. A." But they didn't say "made in downtown L. A. by Americans," and computer checks by the Immigration authorities disclosed that 1800 of their employees "may not be legal."

Well, moved by some impulse, I clicked on the "young women in, and half out of" link, and found this December picture: "Happy Holidays, From American Apparel, Megan, and Her Rabbit." Rabbit? Where does a rabbit come into Christmas? Oh, well, it's one more reason not to shop at the American Apparel store.


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