WaPo Kudlowing Past The Amnesty Bill's Graveyard
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As a scarred veteran of the immigration wars, I wasn't at all surprised this morning to see, just as Congress returns from recess, a propaganda piece in the Washington Post, with the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill's backers claiming that angry calls were falling off, touting another perverted poll etc. etc. [Backers of Immigration Bill More Optimistic, by Jonathan Weisman, June 4 2007.]

YAWN! The MSM's long-time willingness to serve as the Treason Lobby's echo-chamber has been not the least disgraceful feature of this shameful debate.

As I said this time last year, it can never be ruled out that bullying and bribery might get this thing through (in which case patriots will simply regroup and eventually roll it back). But, judging from the intensity of our emails - and the unprecedented stampede of Establishment Conservative rats off the sinking ship - it won't be because America approves. Indeed, a less-publicized poll this morning should be of more interest to Republican legislators - Poll: Bush Base Erodes on Immigration Debate, by Gary Langer, ABC News, June 4. 2007.

I call this sort of whistling past the ugly fact of overwhelming American resistence to immigration "Kudlowing" - after Larry Kudlow, the CNBC talking head and notorious immigration enthusiast. I well remember Kudlow sitting across the table at one of the lunches that are a feature of life at National Review, assuring us that polls showed that Proposition 187 was going to lose in California and John O'Sullivan and I were making a mistake in positioning the magazine in favor of it.

He was wrong, needless to say. Proposition 187 won overwhelmingly. It's always the same when Americans actually get the chance to vote.

Of course, our reward for being right was was that Buckley purged us and stopped the magazine from covering immigration for several critical years. (Rich Lowry was probably at the lunch too, but I don't remember anything he said - in fact I don't remember anything Lowry has ever said or written, an important political skill and probably why Bill Buckley made him editor.) Kudlow still gets to Kudlow away, both at NR and at CNBC.

He's still wrong, though. He and his friends may succeed in abolishing America. But not because it wants to be.

Tell him.

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