Wanted In Dallas: 17 Drug Suspects, All Hispanics, INCLUDING One Greek, And Only One Is American-Born
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 Nelson Hultberg's column today  mentions

the DEA list of the most wanted immigrant fugitives in the Dallas area.

Every single one of them is Hispanic, and only one of the 17 is recorded as being born in the United States.

First, if by following the "What kind of name is that?" investigative technique, you are inclined to  suspect Kristo Alejandro-Kouroulares of being Greek, rather than Hispanic, let me point out that he was born in Mexico.(Mexico does have some immigration.)

Regular Greek-Americans named Papadopoulos wouldn't qualify for affirmative action, but he would.

I know that he was born in Mexico because while the DEA does not list immigration status (such as citizen, legal permanent resident, illegal, or  ordered deported) it does list a "POB": Place of Birth. For almost all of the the known places of birth, it's Mexico.  There's also a Hispanic drug suspect from Panama. The unknown ones are probably Mexico, two, since America has much better birth records.

There is  one who was born in California: his name is Diego Villafuerte Tinoco, AKA Carlos Ramirez, AKA Moreno Lucio, AKA Melecio Manzo Maldonado, AKA Saul Maldonado-Macias, AKA Melecio Maldonado Manzo, AKA Cadenas Marciae, AKA Maldonado Melecio, AKA Lucio Moreno, AKA Carlos Ramires.

Mr. (not Senor) Tinoco is not an immigrant, but I can't helping he's part of the phenomenon of mass Hispanic immigration—judging by his aliases, he doesn't think he can pass for Swedish.


Photo of Alejandro-Kouroulares, Kristo
Alejandro-Kouroulares, Kristo
Photo of Campos-Pita, Jose Luis
Campos-Pita, Jose Luis
Photo of Cardenas, Manolo Granado
Cardenas, Manolo Granado
Photo of Cruz, Pedro Aguilar
Cruz, Pedro Aguilar
Photo of Deleon, Rufino Alester
Deleon, Rufino Alester
Photo of Dominguez, Roberto Alejandro
Dominguez, Roberto Alejandro
Photo of Elizondo, Juan Pablo
Elizondo, Juan Pablo
Photo of Fuentes, Jose Luis
Fuentes, Jose Luis
Photo of Fuentes-Banda, Maria Del Rosario
Fuentes-Banda, Maria Del Rosario
Photo of Garcia, Oscar Manuel Sr.
Garcia, Oscar Manuel Sr.
Photo of Lopez, Carlos Paz
Lopez, Carlos Paz
Photo of Martinez-Garcia, Horacio
Martinez-Garcia, Horacio
Photo of Mejia-Gonzalez, Juan
Mejia-Gonzalez, Juan
Photo of Mendoza, Apolonia Rodriguez
Mendoza, Apolonia Rodriguez
Photo of Plancarte, Custodio Benaue
Plancarte, Custodio Benaue
Photo of Reyes, Bernardo Garza
Reyes, Bernardo Garza
Photo of Romo-Contreras, Refugio
Romo-Contreras, Refugio
Photo of Rubio, Omar Fayette
Rubio, Omar Fayette
Photo of Tinoco, Diego Villafuerte
Tinoco, Diego Villafuerte
Photo of Triana-Garcia, Francisco
Triana-Garcia, Francisco
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