Walter Russell Mead's Solution To California's Problems—Saw Off The Part That's Connected To Mexico!
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Walter Russell Mead [Email him]doesn't seem to blame immigration for California's problem, (see item below) but he has an interesting solution—saw off the part of California that borders Mexico. More formally, he suggests that
"The only hope I can see is to break it up.  California's core problem is that it has outgrown the constitutional model we have for it.  California is too populous, too diverse, too complicated to flourish as a single state.  Unless we carve this beast into something like five more compact and manageable states, Californians will never have decent representative government at an affordable price.

If California had been on the East Coast, or if it had entered the Union at any time other than the crisis years before the Civil War when slave states jealously worked to minimize the number of free states, the idea of making it one state would have looked absurd from the start.  As it is, the constituent parts of California have almost nothing in common.  Northern California is more like Washington and Oregon than like anything farther south."[SCOTUS Makes It Official: California A Failed State, May 27, 2011]

And why exactly is Northern California more like Washington State? Because there are more Americans there. The breakup idea has been suggested earlier on [The California Crisis: Divide And Prosper?, By Brenda Walker,January 12, 2009] But we have a better idea why. Mead's essay on California can be compared to Jennifer Rubin's October 2010, Commentary piece California, There It Went, although she, perhaps,deliberately, didn't mention immigration at all. See
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