Walls Can't Work (Except in Israel and, Lately, Kenya)
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From The Algemeiner:

Israel to Help Kenya Build 440-Mile Border Wall to Prevent Infiltration of Somali Terrorists

JULY 7, 2016 1:01 PM

Lea Speyer

Israel will lend its counter-terrorism expertise to Kenya by helping the African country build a security wall along its border with Somalia, the UK’s The Times reported on Thursday.

Nairobi is seeking assistance from the Jewish state to construct a 440-mile barricade to prevent Somali terrorists from infiltrating the country. Israel itself is in the process of building a security fence along its southern border with Jordan — expanding the fence located alongside the Sinai peninsula — and has plans to build a massive concrete wall that extends underground, to prevent terrorists from the Gaza Strip from infiltrating the country through tunnels.

… Following a meeting with Netanyahu, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta stated, “Kenya and Israel, just like other nations in the world, are facing the challenges of terrorism and today was a great opportunity to discuss ways of dealing with the issues.”

Gene Roddenberry wants you to know that the sheer existence of “Uhuru Kenyatta” vindicates his vision of the future.

Update: From the David Letterman Show:

Top Ten Ways To Mispronounce Bibi Netanyahu – May 25, 1998

10. Yahu Netanbibi

9. Bibi Netan Yo Yo Man

8. Betty Needs A Yoo-Hoo

7. Wierd Bibi Netanyankovic

6. Yahootie And The Bibi-Fish

5. To Bibi Or Not To Bibi

4. The Unabibi

3. Bibi, I’m-A Want You

2. Boutros Boutros-Yahu

1. Snoop Bibi Bib

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