Ridiculous Caricature Kristol Still Pushing #NeverTrump, Encourages Kaisch Run At Convention
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Ridiculous caricature Bill Kristol is still pushing his fantasy of denying Donald Trump the Republican nomination so he can have someone in office more likely to start his pointless wars. At the top of his list is John Kasich.

It's not surprising Kristol likes Kasich. The Governor of Ohio was positively unhinged in his ravings during the primaries about his desire to begin or restart military adventures in the Middle East. The only time Kasich wasn't screaming and waving his hands around while pushing more war was when he was stuffing his face full of food.

Naturally, this is who Kristol thinks should be President of the United States.

With the Republican National Convention just a week away, Bill Kristol, editor of the respected Weekly Standard has appealed to either Mitt Romney or John Kasich to announce their willingness to serve as the GOP presidential nominee so that delegates know they have a real choice other than Donald Trump.

[Kristol: Romney or Kasich Should Oppose Trump at ConventionNewsmax, July 10, 2016]

"Respected" by who?

In his article, after disqualifying various figures such as Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan for making a bid for the nomination at the convention, Kristol lays out the case for Romney or Kasich.

That leaves at least two obvious candidates, either of whose willingness to stand should reassure delegates willing to do the right thing but nervous about doing so. One is Mitt Romney, who because of his status as the most recent Republican nominee is an appropriate person to take on this responsibility. The other is the one 2016 finalist who hasn't capitulated to Trump, and who also, as it happens, offers very good prospects according to the polls of defeating Hillary Clinton for the presidency. That is Ohio governor John Kasich, who also has the advantage (and it would in the unusual circumstances of this kind of convention be an advantage) of long experience both in Congress and as a governor. One can also imagine others offering their services (Carly Fiorina, for example), and they are free and should be encouraged to do so—especially if Romney or Kasich don't step up.

[As Convention Approaches, Will Romney or Kasich Step Up?, Weekly Standard, July 10, 2016]

Leave aside for the moment the absurdity of this proposal or how unlikely it is that John Kasich is going to be the Republican nominee. The 2016 election showed that the Republican Establishment, and even the official conservative movement (Conservatism Inc.) has lost control over and credibility with the Republican base. What do they think will happen if they blatantly steal the nomination away from Donald Trump at the convention and give it to John Kasich or Mitt Romney?

If cuckservatives and their friends in the Main Stream Media think Donald Trump is too much, imagine what would come next?

Indeed, if I were an zealous extremist instead of the moderate immigration patriot that I am, I'd actually be pulling for Kristol's scenario. I can't think of anything more likely to permanently destroy the Republican Party forever and facilitate the formation of a principled nationalist political party.

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