Wachovia Forcing Employees to Train Indian Replacements
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Wachovia joins the growing list of companies that pressure their American employees to train their foreign replacements. A local TV station (WSOTV Ch9 in Charlotte, North Carolina) did an excellent report on what is happening at Wachovia. The television report can be viewed by going here.

In the report a Wachovia employee named "Jeff" who is training his H-1B replacement is interviewed. This is a dynamite story but so far it hasn't been picked up by any other news agencies.

IBM and Pfizer are engaging in the same kind of un-American corporate behavior and they are doing it on a far larger scale, and yet nobody has come forward to publicize the horrors they are experiencing. There are other companies that have been reported in this newsletter that are forcing their American employees to train their replacements such as KLA-Tencor, Nielsen, HP, GE, Dell, Agilent, and BofA, and yet the last brave American patriot to go public with the story was Mike Emmons who worked at Siemens in 2002. If there is outrage in this country over this type of corporate perfidy it's very hard to find.

Reports of this nature aren't going to happen until more Americans are willing to bring their story to the public. TV news in particular wants to interview real people and if they can't the stories won't happen. The worker at Wachovia was hidden in the video so he has very little to worry about in terms of reprisals. Can't more Americans be at least brave enough to do this so we can expose these companies? The passive suffering of American high-tech professionals needs to end!

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