Latest Forbes Billionaire List Includes Nine Mexicans (One of Whom is a Drug Cartel Chief)
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Forbes has come out with its latest list of billionaires.

The 2009 list includes nine Mexican billionaires.

Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim is currently rated as the world's third-wealthiest man, with a net worth of $35 billion. Slim's net worth dropped $25 billion in the past year. The world's wealthiest man is Bill Gates, in the #2 slot is Warren Buffet, and both of their net worths dropped also.

A year ago, after the 2008 Forbes list came out, I wrote an article about the Mexican billionaires on that list. There were 10 on the list last year. On the 2009 list, two of them have dropped off, while a new billionaire has been added.

Who was this year's addition? This list attracted a lot of attention for including, for the first time, none other than Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, chief of the Sinaloa drug cartel. El Chapo (whose nickname translates to "Shorty") has an estimated worth of $1 billion dollars.

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