W Post: NY Mosque Shows Muslim Exclusiveness, Triumphalism
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Surely a major reason for the swift decline of the MSM is the blinkered world view of the hacks it employs. Sometimes they simply fail to realize what they are saying. Consider To N.Y. Muslims, Islamic center near Ground Zero would be more than a mosque By Krissah Thomson and Felicia Sonmez The Washington Post Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is what the controversial Islamic community center and mosque being planned in Lower Manhattan means to Ehab Zahriyeh: not having to play basketball in church leagues. For Fatima Monkush, it would be a place to swim — sans cap and layers of clothing — with other Muslim women.

In other words, they would be able to avoid being in a social context with filthy Christian-heritage Americans. So much for assimilation!

And the reaction of NY Muslims to the dismay caused by this tasteless and provocative action? According the Post - domineering outrage:

Zahriyeh…said that in his prayers…he has been "claiming the space" as his own. "Muslims in New York City really want this now more than before," he said. "It's not a comfortable feeling knowing that a few Americans are rallying thousands, possibly millions, to be fearful of a community center…

Not so uncomfortable as to cause second thoughts. They want this symbolic triumph.

VDARE.com thinks large scale Muslim immigration into Europe or America is a dangerous mistake. This is particularly true of America where seemingly unshakeable Zionist control of US Middle Eastern policy cannot but raise the risk of trouble.

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