VOX Posts 2000 Word Article on Minneapolis Police Shooting Without Mentioning Name of the Cop
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From Vox:

Minneapolis police shot an unarmed woman in her pajamas. They haven’t explained why.

The officers had body cameras when they shot Justine Damond — but didn’t turn them on.

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And then it goes on for 2000 words without ever mentioning the name or ethnicity of the cop who shot the unarmed blonde lady wearing pajamas who had come out to tell the cops that she had heard suspicious noises.

Just like with the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit refusing to release tapes of teen gang assaults on train-riders because it would confirm deplorable stereotypes, mentioning the name of the Minneapolis shooter cop — Mohamed Noor — might lead to suspicions that Minnesota police departments have affirmative action programs that lead to incompetent nonwhites like Noor and Jeronimo Yanez, who shot Philando Castile a year ago, getting hired.

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