Vox Day On Hillary's Praise Of Merkel: "Hillary Might As Well Have Promised That She'll Import 2 Million Syrian Refugees Next Year"
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Alt-right blogger/SF writer Vox Day blogs on Hillary's "latest stroke of genius" mentioned by Steve Sailer below—her choice of Angela Merkel as a much a
Seriously, who is advising Hillary Clinton? It's like a parody of a presidential campaign:


Hillary might as well have promised that she'll import 2 million Syrian refugees next year. Merkel is HATED in Germany to such an extent that I'll be surprised if she even tries to remain as the CDU party leader in the next election cycle.

The thing is, Hillary is a nanny-state Mutti Merkel-style politician. Trump is more in the mode of Putin and Duterte. The former is a globalist who has lost half her historical support. The latter are nationalists who are both extremely popular in their countries.

That's why the Trumpslide is inevitable.

[Beyond tone deaf, September 29, 2016]

76193b02-58a8-11e5-_974302cOf course Hillary would probably import only a quarter of a million of Syrian Muslim refugees—in her first year in office, that is.

The millions would come from south of the border. I can see Hillary taking Merkel-type selfies with "youths" from El Salvador—who, it will later transpire, are rapists, gangsters, murderers and thieves.

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