Voters Don’t Know How Many Illegals Are Crossing The Border, But They Do Know Biden Opened It. They Want Title 42 In Place And Illegals Deported
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A recently released Harvard-Harris Poll shows that most Americans don’t know the true magnitude of the Great Replacement invasion at the southwest border. Bad as that news is, they do know that Traitor Joe Biden has essentially opened the border, they want Title 42 public-health expulsions to continue, and they want illegals deported back to Mexico.

The vast majority of those polled, 75 percent, think 1 million or fewer illegals enter the county annually. Only 12 percent believe it’s 1 million to 2 million, while 6 percent think the figure is 2 million to 3 million. Just 7 percent think the number exceeds 3 million.

Phrasing it that way—how many illegals “enter the country”?—is vague. Border agents apprehended almost 2.4 million illegals last fiscal year, and they’re already reached about 10 percent of that number through October, the first in fiscal 2023. November’s still unreported number will almost certainly surpass that figure significantly, thanks to Title 42’s anticipated end. That means some 25 percent of last year’s total have entered the country in just two months.

But that number does not include all those who entered. The real number who “entered” must include gotaways; i.e., those whom border agents did not apprehend. That figure for fiscal 2022 was a reported 599,000. It’s probably more. 

Adding that to 2.4 million yields 2.99 million. Let’s make that an even 3 million.

Thus, only 7 percent of those polled guessed correctly.

Other results are more encouraging:

67 percent want stricter border control …

67 percent believe Traitor Joe is encouraging illegal immigration…

68 percent want illegals deported…

79 percent want Title 42 public-health expulsions…

63 percent believe he has opened the border…

Americans can be forgiven for not knowing the extent of the invasion. The communist Mainstream Media, the Biden Regime’s Information Ministry, is suppressing the news to protect Biden. 

But at least those polled know who’s responsible for the invasion and want him to stop it. 

That isn’t going to happen. Such is Biden’s dedication to dispossessing and replacing the Historic American Nation that he plans to “prelegalize” the hordes waiting to invade.

What then?

Maybe GOP strategerists should have made impeaching Biden for this treason a centerprise on the 2022 midterms. Maybe then those polled, who clearly understand the country is being invaded, would know just how staggering the invasion is.

Then again, they don’t call it the Stupid Party for nothing.

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