Voter Fraud in UK Election—UKIP Left off Ballots
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The British go to the polls to elect a new government today. Of course, in some areas there are parties you just aren't allowed to vote for.
Darlington Borough Council have announced that UKIP candidate David Hodgson was missing from a number of ballot papers in the Darlington Constituency. Upon learning of this situation MEP for the North East and UKIP candidate for Easington Jonathan Arnott said:

“This kind of mistake is unacceptable in a 21st-century democracy. For even one voter to be denied the opportunity to choose between all of the candidates at a General Election is appalling."

[UKIP North East statement on ballot paper errors in Darlington, UKIP North East, May 7, 2015]

This is how "democracy" is practiced in the managerial state. With some exceptions (like the treatment of the Vlaams Blok in Flanders) political parties aren't generally banned outright. They simply have enough obstacles thrown in their path that it makes it all but impossible for them to operate effectively. The British Establishment's treatment of UKIP is just another example.

For a quick thought experiment, imagine the outcry if the Green Party or the Muslim "Respect" Party had been "accidentally" left off the ballot. And now reflect on whether you actually believe this is an accident, or just another case of the British Establishment trying to stamp out dissent.

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