Violently Deranged Chinese Immigrant Shot by San Francisco Police
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There was an unfortunate — and probably preventable — shooting in San Francisco on Saturday of a recent Chinese immigrant who should have been kept out of this country.

SF police shoot knife-wielding man, San Francisco Chronicle, September 5, 2009

A knife-wielding man believed to have a long history of mental illness was shot and killed in his home early this morning by a San Francisco police officer, authorities said.

Why is Washington admitting immigrants with "a long history of mental illness"? Immigration ranks high on the behaviors that create stress, and is not recommended for persons already psychologically disturbed.

The landlord reported that his tenant was chasing and threatening the roommate with a cleaver, said homicide Inspector Antonio Luis Casillas.

Officers arrived at the scene, managed to corner the suspect and ordered him in English and in Cantonese to drop the weapon, Casillas said. More officers arrived with a bean-bag launcher. The suspect was struck with the nonlethal projectiles several times, but police were unable to take him down.

"It appears that the suspect then began to charge officers and the officer (who fired the fatal shot) felt that his life and the life of his co-workers were in danger," Casillas said. [...]

Authorities would not release the identity the suspect, saying they were still trying to contact his relatives. They said he was born in 1972 and was a recent immigrant from China who spoke Cantonese.

At least there were no innocents killed in this case, unlike many other instances of immigrants run amok. But the disturbed Chinese man would have been a lot better off living in his own culture rather than residing in a society foreign to him, a situation that surely magnified his psychological problems.

For more on immigration as a stress-multiplier leading to violence, see my article The Binghamton Massacre — Latest Case Of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome.

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