Vincent Bugliosi, RIP
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Bugliosi was the hard-nosed Los Angeles prosecutor who got Charles Manson convicted of murder (which was legally harder than it sounds — I mean, he’s Charles Manson, right? — because Manson wasn’t at the scene of the crimes). He then became a strong writer of true crime fiction.

Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti (the current mayor’s dad) should have brought Bugliosi back to prosecute O.J. Simpson in return for the book rights. (Using a hired gun prosecutor worked for Indianopolis in Mike Tyson case: they brought back their best ex-prosecutor who had moved on to higher-paying defense work.)

Instead, Garcetti went with the civil servants, who botched the OJ trial. (I liked how several episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt were devoted to eviscerating Marcia Clark and Chris Darden for their long ago failures on the OJ case. Revenge is a dish best served 20 years cold.) If Bugliosi had been the prosecutor, the jury would have convicted not only OJ, but Johnny Cochran too, just on general principles.

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