Viguerie Asks "Which Marco Rubio Will Show Up On Inauguration"? Actually, They're All Pretty Bad
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2005: Then-State Rep. Marco Rubio (left) holds a sword presented to him by Gov. Jeb Bush (right) during ceremonies designating Rubio as the next Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. He would use that sword to kill six patriotic immigration bills in the Florida Legislature.

Richard Viguerie's Conservative HQ emails

Rubio Announces for President: Which Marco Rubio Would Show-Up For Inauguration Day?

CHQ Staff | 4/14/2015

On Monday Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced his campaign for President at a rally in Miami. Although somewhat overshadowed Hillary Clinton’s Sunday announcement, which was understandable given the establishment media’s blind and almost universal support for Mrs. Clinton, Rubio got generally good reviews for his speech, his family’s story and the non-verbal communication of the setting at Miami’s Freedom Tower, an iconic location for many immigrants who fled Castro’s murderous regime.

What we saw on Monday was the Marco Rubio of two years ago, who sat atop many early 2016 Republican presidential polls and who, by the way, regularly rated #1 or #2 in the CHQ 2016 presidential straw poll.

We will refer to that Marco Rubio as the “pre-Gang of Eight” Marco Rubio.

Then there is the “after the Gang of Eight” Marco Rubio, who is the one that is actually running for President.

This is the Marco Rubio who betrayed the Tea Party movement and grassroots conservative voters who elevated him to the Senate over establishment Republican, turned Independent, and finally turned Democrat Charlie Crist.

This is the Marco Rubio who became the chief spokesman and advocate for a bill that would have put millions of illegal aliens on the path to citizenship to eventually become part of a new Democratic-majority electorate.

This is the Marco Rubio who prompted Florida conservative commentator Javier Manjarres of the Shark Tank and Hispolitica to observe, “What most people don’t know about Rubio is that he has always supported a pathway to citizenship.”

This is the Marco Rubio who helped craft a bill that gave millions of dollars in taxpayer money to anti-conservative race-based organizations, such as La Raza, to help them promote amnesty for illegal aliens.

This is the Marco Rubio who, judging by the “who do you walk with rule,” which is CHQ Richard Viguerie’s foolproof test of whether or not a candidate is a conservative, is definitely no conservative, having staffed his office with anti-conservatives, such as Communications Director Alex Burgos, a longtime amnesty proponent, and other establishment Republican insiders, rather than the boat-rocking Tea Partiers that provided the manpower for Rubio’s upstart campaign against Governor Charlie Crist.[More]

I see their point: Rubio's signs of feeling the heat on illegal immigration and reforming [Sen. Rubio takes harder line on illegal immigration, By Michael J. Mishak, Associated Press September 13, 2014] could be totally bogus.

I just want to add that even pre-Gang of Eight Rubio was no good on immigration.  looked into his record in the Florida Legislature, and it was awful—see In Memory Of My Grandson: Reflections On Reclaiming Florida, by Florida resident Enos Schera.

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