Video: Venezuelans Promise Not Only To Build The Wall If Trump Removes Maduro, But To Paint It As Well
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OK, with all how-to-build-the-wall proposals floating around, here is one contributed by some Venezuelans.

The short video (below)shows five men standing (one saluting), with one man sitting in front of them. The man delivers the brief statement directed to President Trump:

Good afternoon. Today, January 23rd, we say to you, Mr. President of the United States, Donald Trump, that if you remove President Maduro and his thieving lackeys, we will make the wall on the border with Mexico, and we will also paint it.

Then they break into cheering.

Well, make a note of that.

Source: Video: Venezolanos ofrecen a Trump construir el Muro si derroca a Maduro ["Video: Venezuelans Promise Trump To Construct The Wall If He Overthrows Maduro"] Televisa News (Mexico), January 30, 2019.



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