[VIDEO] Ann Coulter: "It’s Stunning How Many People Read VDARE.com!"
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Ann Coulter: “It’s stunning how many people read VDARE.com!”

As VDARE.com’s 20th Anniversary Celebration comes to a close, we are honored to look back on the kind words and strong support from columnist Ann Coulter, offered at our kickoff.

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This milestone for VDARE.com coincides beautifully with the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact, and the significance of the timing is not lost on us. VDARE.com moves forward with determination, inspired by the Pilgrims’ persistence in the face of overwhelming odds, to keep America American.

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On the subject of VDARE.com’s 20th Anniversary, Ann had this to say:

I don’t remember the first time I saw VDARE.com, but I know I had to stop reading it when I was writing Adios, America, so that I wouldn’t just be ripping off VDARE.com!

“So it was kind of painful for like a year and a half – I could not go to VDARE.com, and I’m slowly getting back in the habit. It doesn’t matter, you can be socialist, communist, feminist, environmentalist, if you are a patriot on immigration, VDARE.com will have you!

“20 Years for VDARE.com, that’s how long we’ve been losing. That is so depressing. VDARE should have been a website that’s created and Americans read it and ‘Oh my gosh, we’ve got to save our country. Let’s have an immigration moratorium!’

“Alas, that has not happened.

“Oh, that’s right, because we have a lot of plutocrats who want their cheap labor and don’t care about the country. And that’s why VDARE.com will apparently be publishing until the end of all of our lives.

VDARE.com has been saying a lot of this stuff for a long time and woke a lot of people up and it’s stunning how many people read VDARE.com. It was a completely respectable site until Trump got elected, suddenly this completely legitimate website, that writes about nothing but immigration, “it’s white nationalist!”

“Why? Because it supports Trump. Because it is dangerous to give people correct information. And as the great Peter Brimelow has said, “the definition of a racist is a conservative winning an argument with a liberal.

When asked what advice she has for members of the Dissident Right, Ann said: 

You must embrace being called names. Just realize it’s like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum. They don’t have a real argument. The world has gone mad; we are not mad. You’re right. Keep reading!

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