Victim Of PC Harassment—Frances Semler Resigns In Kansas City
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Frances Semler, the Kansas City Parks commissioner who's been under attack by La Raza, has resigned. You can read her resignation letter here in PDF.

A local blogger, Eric Barton, writes

The letter is telling about Semler's state of mind. There's a lot of anger here, directed at a variety of targets, including The Kansas City Star and illegals. Semler ends the letter, and perhaps the controversy, with all caps: "I feel BETRAYED."Plog - So Long, Semler

Well, yes, a massive national and local campaign of harassment will do that to you. The point is that Semler, who as a Parks Commissioner would be responsible for things like grass and benches, was associated with the Minutemen, who are defending the border from illegals. La Raza has been threatening boycotts, and for some reason, so have African-American civil rights types,  in spite of the fact that  African-Americans are victims, rather than beneficiaries of illegal immigration.

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