Very Reasonable Democrat Surfaces In HuffPost/Rosensaft Comment Thread!
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The Huffington Post’s comment thread attached to Menachem Rosensaft’s ethnocentric attack on Peter Brimelow and is over 700 posts long and keeps growing. Many thanks to our friends who rose to our defense.

Amongst the ferocious fighting I was struck by an eminently reasonable post by “Jobless in Jersey”:

I like to take advantage of opportunities to talk about immigration, which I feel is a very important and neglected issue.

I am a moderate Democrat and I disagree with the Democratic Party on this issue.

I feel that many decisions about this were made in the past without consulting the voters or thinking about what would be best for the American people as a whole.

Unfortunately a certain number of people with strong opinions about this issue have a lot of ridiculous and sometimes nasty ideas about immigrants. But I do share their concern about how mass immigration has changed this country and will continue to change it. We have made financial commitments and given automatic birthright citizenship to tens of millions of people that we never expected to have here in, say, 1970. This has far reaching implications that most people on the left or right somehow do not think about — or perhaps, do not want to think about.

This is a topic that's too important to be left with the fringes. So I invite you to think about it and ask yourself if we should continue to do what we've been doing and if you do, what sacrifices the rest of us will have to make to continue to take in so many people.

A pity more Democrats can’t think like this.

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