Peter Brimelow And Ransom Note Racism In The Huffington Post
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A professor named Menachem Rosensaft [Email him] has   an article on the Huffington Post called White Nationalism: A Scourge That Won't Go Away,in which he complains about Editor Peter Brimelow's appearance at CPAC.

It's a combination of what we've called "Ransom Note Racism", and the "point-and-splutter" argumentation technique.

"Ransom Note Racism" is where you stitch together out context quotes to make your target look bad. The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League do this a lot, and Rosensaft uses them as a source.

"Point-and-splutter" is where you quote something and you don't even try to answer it. For example, Rosensaft writes

Brimelow certainly doesn't mince words. He told a CBS reporter that US immigration policy, the legal kind, mind you, "is creating a "Spanish speaking underclass parallel to the African American underclass."

"These are people who are completely dysfunctional," Brimelow said. "They're on welfare; they're not doing any kind of work — at least not legal work — and their children are having a terrible time." California, which used to be "paradise," he added, is "rapidly turning into Hispanic slum."


"Nice"? How about "True"? Of course, immigration from Mexico is creating a new underclass—the poorest people from a poor country are immigrating to take minimum wage jobs. What else could happen?

And that's the problem—does Rosensaft think that immigration from Mexico isn't creating a new underclass, or does he believe it is, but you should never say it? He certainly doesn't bother to try and prove it isn't true.

However, on thing to Rosensaft's credit—he has live links to the stories he's quoting, so he's promoting us on the Huffington Post.

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