Peter Brimelow And Ransom Note Racism In The Huffington Post
March 12, 2012, 09:16 PM
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A professor named Menachem Rosensaft [Email him] has   an article on the Huffington Post called White Nationalism: A Scourge That Won`t Go Away,in which he complains about Editor Peter Brimelow`s appearance at CPAC.

It`s a combination of what we`ve called "Ransom Note Racism", and the "point-and-splutter" argumentation technique.

"Ransom Note Racism" is where you stitch together out context quotes to make your target look bad. The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League do this a lot, and Rosensaft uses them as a source.

"Point-and-splutter" is where you quote something and you don`t even try to answer it. For example, Rosensaft writes

Brimelow certainly doesn`t mince words. He told a CBS reporter that US immigration policy, the legal kind, mind you, "is creating a "Spanish speaking underclass parallel to the African American underclass."

"These are people who are completely dysfunctional," Brimelow said. "They`re on welfare; they`re not doing any kind of work — at least not legal work — and their children are having a terrible time." California, which used to be "paradise," he added, is "rapidly turning into Hispanic slum."


"Nice"? How about "True"? Of course, immigration from Mexico is creating a new underclass—the poorest people from a poor country are immigrating to take minimum wage jobs. What else could happen?

And that`s the problem—does Rosensaft think that immigration from Mexico isn`t creating a new underclass, or does he believe it is, but you should never say it? He certainly doesn`t bother to try and prove it isn`t true.

However, on thing to Rosensaft`s credit—he has live links to the stories he`s quoting, so he`s promoting us on the Huffington Post.