VDARE Radio Up: Cuck Island and The Russian Distraction, Etc.
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The latest VDARE  Radio is up—go here to read or listen. Sample
The British government is finally standing up to foreign involvement in its politics. No, not by Muslim extremists. By Russia.

There is a full-fledged diplomatic crisis as the increasingly impotent Prime Minister, Theresa May, accused Russia of using a chemical weapon on British soil and expelled 23 Russian diplomats from the country.  [Russian spy: UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats, BBC, March 14, 2018] The Prime Minister is also asking for more national security powers, including the ability to “detain unwanted individuals at the border, new counter-espionage powers and new powers to impose sanctions” . [Expel Russian diplomats, ask for more powers—May’s plan over Skripal case, RT, March 14, 2018] Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was appearing increasingly strong politically, is now under heavy criticism for not accepting the Prime Minister’s charge the Russian government tried to kill ex-M16 double agent Sergei Skirpal and his daughter. [Jeremy Corbyn branded Vladimir Putin’s puppet after refusing to accept Russia was behind nerve agent attack, The Sun, March 15, 2018] He’s even facing a rebellion within his own party.

Meanwhile, in Telford...
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