VDARE Radio On Churches Electing A New, Foreign, Flock
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The latest VDARE Radio is up, go here to read or listen. Sample:

The Catholic bishops in this country and Pope Francis have both taken strong stances in favor of Open Borders. Pope Francis was picking fights with Donald Trump even before our president was elected. And Catholic Charities relies heavily on the taxpayer dollars they receive for “refugee resettlement.” It’s no wonder that Steve Bannon, a faithful Catholic, stated the Church needs illegal aliens to “fill the pews” [Stephen Bannon rips the Catholic Church for ‘needing illegal aliens’ to fill the pews, The Week, September 7, 2017].

The media tried to frame this as an offensive statement. But Bannon’s statement actually contained a profound truth. Faith is one of the bedrocks of a people. Without faith, without a certain common cultural framework for people to know right from wrong, to uphold standards and to give people a concept of the sublime, a people withers away. It’s no surprise that the West’s decline really accelerated when Christianity was purged from the public square.

But what about the institutions that remain. Many churches, not just the Roman Catholic Church, seem to be trying to replace their traditional parishioners with immigrants. But all that seems to accomplish is to hasten the decline.

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