VDARE.com's Giving Tuesday Update!
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It's 11am here on the East Coast and our #GivingTuesday matching grant is rolling along. So far we've had 32 incredible donors step up and give their support!

We at VDARE.com have put in the hard work for the last 17 years – and thankless work it is, given the extreme hostility of the Main Stream Media. Without you making the work possible through your donations, there is no doubt what dystopian future we would be facing right now.

And that dystopia isn’t gone yet. The battle has only just begun. The immigration enthusiasts, the $PLCs, the Hillary Clintons and George Soroses of this world are not just going to go quietly into the night. They are wounded and angry, but they are far from defeated.

We run VDARE.com on a shoestring budget, and with the elections this year that shoestring has been even shorter than usual.

VDARE.com has no endowment. We have hardly any foundation backers and certainly no governmental support. We only have you.

We are scrappy, but we can’t do it alone.

Join the movement today and help us meet our matching $4k challenge. I thank you in advance for your ongoing support!

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