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 Media's Hmong Agenda: 500-Plus  Backlash Stories, Only Handful On Victims [Brenda Walker] - 11/30/04

The last of the six murdered hunters, the apparent victims of Hmong immigrant Chai Vang, were buried on Monday. Shown here is the funeral of Jessica Willers, 27, who was remembered as someone who loved going hunting with her dad, Terry Willers who was shot and wounded in the attack.

An unusual tribute was paid to the hunters on Monday Night Football. Fans of the Green Bay Packers were asked to wear blaze orange, the hunting safety color, at the game to honor the shooting victims. "My friend told me about it and I threw off my Packer hat and put on the blaze orange hat," said fan Tom Fields from Stevens Point. The stands were indeed filled with thousands wearing bright orange.

More details of the shooting are being revealed. When first questioned, Vang said that he didn't shoot anyone, that one of the American hunters had killed all the others. Only later did Vang admit shooting them all. Vang reportedly shot four of his unarmed victims in the back, three of them more than once. The two survivors said they used profanity, but not racial slurs, when Vang was discovered to be trespassing.

The media continues with its multicultural agenda even in this horrendous case. Worries about backlash against Hmong are apparently more important than the mass murder of six Americans, as a Google News search reveals more than 500 articles on that subject, while there are only a handful of news stories about the victims.

The Associated Press has been downright misleading, reporting "Two of the survivors, however, told authorities Vang fired the first shot." The phrase "two of the survivors" implies that there are other survivors with a different story. But no, there are only two survivors. And they agree on what happened.

For photos of the victims and more commentary, see ImmigrationsHumanCost.org

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AP acknowledges exit poll wrong on Bush's Hispanic share.

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