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Tiger Woods New Mother-in Law Is Sweden's Minister of Immigration! [From A Reader] - 10/10/04

So the mother-in-law that Tiger Woods recently acquired in what surely will be the most spectacular interracial marriage of the decade is Sweden's Minister for "Migration and Asylum Policy".

I guess this is a case of putting your daughter where your mouth is.

But at least the bride gets access to a fortune variously estimated in the press at $200-$370 million—hopefully not too well-protected by the reported pre-nuptial agreement.

For most Swedes, faced with the consequences of their government's lax asylum policy, no such compensation is available.

Question For Joe Lockhart [James Fulford] - 10/10/04

If I went to press conferences like the Mainstream Media:

"Ah, James Fulford, Vdare.com, here: Now that you're working for John Kerry, do you find that he lies more than President Clinton, less than President Clinton, or about the same?"

RSS: What The Heck? [James Fulford] - 10/10/04

That's what Kevin Michael Grace was asking in May, and what I've been fiddling with for the past few days. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it means that you can check automatically when a blog or news website is updated. I've been using SharpReader to read those blogs which have installed this RSS thingie.

It would be useful to have this on the site, but we don't want to try too hard with the technical stuff. However, if any readers have a suggestion about how this can be implemented easily, I'd be grateful.

John Howard Wins In Australia[James Fulford] - 10/10/04

John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, has been reelected. Unlike President Bush, he has had no trouble combining the War On Terror with immigration control.

2nd Presidential Debate: Steve Sailer [Crossposted from isteve.com- 10/10/04

 A reader writes (facetiously):


"Hey, Steve, you are just ticked off that not a single person in the debate audience, which represented a cross section of the American people, asked a question about illegal immigrants. For surely if anyone had submitted such a question, Charles Gibson would have used it, right?


"Nah, red-blooded Americans are concerned about the stuff that touches their daily lives, like stem-cell research. You've just got to shed your obsessions and think more like a normal American."

Human Genome Leader Recants On "No Races" [Steve Sailer] - 10/10/04


In VDARE.com in early 2001, I pointed out that the "race is not a scientific concept" party line emanating from the Human Genome Project leaders was just spin. I wrote:


"Human Genome Project scientists have been conspiring with journalists recently to lard press reports on their findings with politically-correct disinformation."[Read the whole thing on isteve.com] 

Washington Post: Vote Early [James Fulford] - 10/10/04

The Post is looking for your vote on the best blogs and political websites. I believe you can vote for Vdare.Com. Only once, though.

Found: New Stuff on the Internet [James Fulford] - 10/10/04

Using this Feedster /RSS thing I have found two new links: A Security Mom who likes us. A Libertarian who doesn't.

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