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Mexico's Foreign Secretary: Prosecute Minutemen! [A Reader] - 04/16/05

"[Luis] Derbez also added he hopes the group and its members are prosecuted.'— NewsChannel5 KRGVTV/KRGVDT, April 14.

Derbez' further diplomatic observations:

  • He "hopes for complete integration between America and Mexico one day."

  • "One thing I can tell you is that the U.S. of the 21st century is not the U.S. of the 19th century."

Luis Derbez made these remarks during his Imperial Progress to the University of Texas Pan American in extreme south Texas. (The full version of the integration remark is in the linked KRGVTV/KRGVDT video).

VDARE.COM has already noted that this man is a bitter and dedicated enemy of the historic American nation. He is fortunate that he was not making these remarks before the men who founded Texas in the 19th century.  Probably he would not have needed his return travel arrangements

Hat tip HE!D! says… which deals with this insult eloquently.

Military Censoring VDARE.COM Again? [Peter Brimelow] - 04/16/05

From Iraq, our Allan Wall tells us he's having trouble with what might be renewed military censorship of immigration reform sites—any VDARE.COM readers know more? He writes:

"There seems to be a problem here with my VDARE internet connection. Up until yesterday, after my earlier article, it was working fine.  Beginning yesterday though, I have been unable to enter VDARE.com.  I even tried to enter through my website, but it didn't work.  I also noticed that it's not possible to enter Project USA, FAIR and American Patrol (but I can enter CIS).  [VDARE.COM note: A triumph for CIS chief Mark Krikorian's assiduous triangulation policy!] Now it doesn't say 'Access Denied' as it did before, but rather something more innocuous such as 'We can't find VDARE.com.'   What concerns me is that it's been that way since yesterday, and that other websites dealing with immigration are also unavailable. Coincidence—or are they denying access again?"

A Progressive Immigration Reformer's Open Letter To W. F. Buckley [Randall Burns] - 04/16/05

In a recent article, you wrote

"The flow of Mexicans to the north can be strategically contained either by improving the quality of Mexican economic life, or by suppressing opportunities in U.S. life. The former cannot be done, given cultural rigidities and impermeabilities. The latter can be attempted, but at great cost to American business interests and ideals. Congress could pass a law imposing huge fines on any American enterprise that hires illegal workers. Collateral pressures could be applied, involving driving licenses, hospitals, schools. Are we willing to adopt such measures?"  Can We Stop Illegals?, April 8, 2005

Mexican states differ rather markedly in their tendency to produce migrants and to accept migrants internally. Furthermore, claiming that just because the PRI or PAN can't improve opportunities in Mexico, it can't be done is showing a rather extreme lack of imagination or willingness to investigate—and frankly has twinges of racism attached to it.

On the other point, fines on U.S. employers of illegal aliens are part of the law of the land—law which the party you supported has chosen not to enforce—benefiting key blocks of supporters—but at enormous cost to the public.

Why shouldn't the property of those profiting from the labor of illegal aliens be liquidated to pay these fines—and if need be that of lenders who have broken these laws?

What this would mean is that a younger, poorer generation of Americans would get a chance to use these assets legally.

You used to support responsibility and law and order. What happened?

If the US tax and regulatory structure is such that it mandates use of illegal aliens, that should be fixed.

But it won't be until the law is taken seriously by those that have benefited the most from it.

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