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Minutemen's Media Victory [Joe Guzzardi] - 04/06/05

Last night I was a guest on the Mark Edwards "Wake Up America" radio program.

Edwards has just returned from three days in Arizona where he observed the Minuteman Project up close.

"It is a huge success," said Edwards. "I saw volunteers all the way from New York. In more than forty years of covering the news, I have never so much media. I met reporters from Tokyo and Britain. It reminded me of the Marvin Hagler-Thomas Hearns fight in Caesar's Palace many years ago."

Continued Edwards, "Spirits are so high that many of the volunteers from Texas and California are considering starting their own versions of citizen volunteer patrols."

"And," added Edwards, "No matter what you hear the Border Patrol is happy the Minuteman Project is there. Within the last three months, 65,000 aliens were apprehended in the Naco sector alone. Those agents are glad for the publicity."

Read this Los Angeles Times story by David Kelly titled "Border Watchers Capture Their Prey—the Media"  [April 5, 2005] to understand what Edwards is talking about.

British National Party Leader Indicted For Speech—Just Before Election [James Fulford] - 04/06/05

I wrote about the arrest of the chairman of the British National Party in December, [Then They Came For Nick Griffin] and how that American media seem to ignore the event.

What happened was that the leader of a (tiny) opposition party was arrested for a thought crime: criticizing Islam, which increasingly powerful in Britain.

Nick Griffin has now been indicted—by an astonishing coincidence, just as Tony Blair is running for reelection. [BNP leader faces race hate charges, Press Association, April 6, 2005]

Britain's liberal elite is determined that neither immigration nor crime, should even be raised as issues in an election—by either side. It turns out that these are racial issues, and thus taboo.

Food For Thought… [Bryanna Bevens] - 04/06/05

Here's a good website of an up and coming conservative writer: RyanHorn.com.

Have a look at Conservatism 101.

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