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Brimelow: "You call them criminals!" [James Fulford] - 02/25/05

See Res Ipsa Loquitur for an account of Peter Brimelow's speech at the Commonwealth Club.

Sample quote:

Brimelow: You use words like "undocumented". You refuse to call them illegal immigrants, but that's what they are.
Hincapie: That's because they're not illegals, they're people. You don't call criminals "illegals".
Brimelow: That's right! You call them criminals!

[VDARE.COM comment: We note our friend David Orland has decided to cease contributing to Res Ipsa Loquitur and focus his activity on his own blog, Faute De Mieux. It will be well worth visiting!]

Undocumented in Chattanooga [James Fulford] - 02/25/05

Because of Sam Francis's funeral, I was searching through his hometown newspaper, the Chattanoogan, and found this horrible example of immigrationism. Someone named Mary Gardenhire [send her mail] dragged up all the worst arguments for hiring illegals, and presented them as the best. I've added links to make it self-refuting.

[ Mary Gardenhire Takes Issue With Wamp On Immigration  the Chatanoogan.com- posted June 30, 2003]

[Congressman Zach Wamp] used the term "illegal aliens"; I prefer the more appropriate and less demeaning phrase, "guest workers."…[see above]

I assure you that our southern neighbors do not come here seeking benefits or welfare. They come here to work, and to work hard, because they must in order to provide for their families back home. They seek the hard to fill jobs, jobs that American employers cannot fill in critical industries. They accept low wages and long hours. Rather than inquiring about vacations (generally unheard of for Hispanics working in this country), they ask how many hours of work they can get. They live together to minimize living costs, go without many consumer goods we consider necessary, and endure year or more separations from their families

Passports to Peril [Randall Burns] - 02/25/05

The Corporate Welfare Queens in the Bush administration are failing to put even the most basic of security mechanisms into their next generation passports according to Wired News: No Encryption for E-Passports, February 24. This Bush policy will of course make illegal immigration-and other forms of fraud much easier.

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