VDARE.com: 01/26/05 - Blog Articles
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Immigration And The Businessmen's Lunch [James Fulford] - 01/26/05

As study has found that that 36% of the restaurant workers in New York, (serving lunch and dinner to the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal) are illegal aliens. By an astonishing coincidence, restaurant workers in the Greatest City In The World are typically not earning a living wage. I hope those WSJ guys are big tippers.[In $8 Billion Restaurant Industry, a Study Finds Mostly 'Bad Jobs',  By Steven Greenhouse , NYT. January 25, 2005]

Bush's Hispander Fails to Impress MALDEF [Joe Guzzardi] - 01/26/05

Read this disingenuous "statement" from MALDEF regarding the "likely" confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as U. S. Attorney General. 

MALDEF concludes that it "cannot support his confirmation" even though the press release contains seven hundred glowing and obviously supportive words about Gonzales.

"We acknowledge that Judge Gonzales is likely to be confirmed as the next Attorney General of the United States and the first Latino to hold this important post. MALDEF stands ready to work with Judge Gonzales as he carries out his duties and continues his public service. However, because of our specific concerns regarding apparent primacy of executive authority; a potential conflict of interest in the transition from Counsel to the President to Attorney General in enforcing the special counsel law; setting aside due process protections; and, uncertainty about whether inherent authority exists at the state and local level to enforce federal immigration policy, MALDEF cannot support his confirmation. "

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