Vaclav Klaus Salutes Revolutionary Change in America
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Former Czech President Klaus has long opposed globalist ideology, in particular the European Union superstate that started out as an innocent-sounding trade deal and grew into a massive undemocratic government. In particular, he favors the nation state as being the right size to be responsive to the people.

In addition, Klaus rejects the unfounded reverence of elites for immigrant-fueled population growth as the easy way to economic success. He notes that Europe was just fine when it had 100 million fewer people — which is quite an unusual thing for a political leader to say. He furthermore observes that with 23 million unemployed Europeans, additional immigrants are not needed, period,

And like other Eastern Europeans, he rejects the multiculturalism embraced by the West that includes Islam, because the East struggled against Ottoman invasions for centuries and they don’t want millions of Muslims imported in misguided charity.

Klaus visited Austria recently and discussed current events with the local publication Wochenblick:

INTERVIEWER: What does former Czech President Vaclav Klaus say about today’s political situation?

VACLAV KLAUS: In Europe today we have 23 million unemployed, it’s almost 10 percent of all labor. So this is enough. We don’t need more labor. So we don’t need those migrants as labor. We have to work ourselves. This is absolutely important.

And I also don’t accept the argument that we’re too old, that we have no children. I can’t accept it. It’s certainly clear that we all know those demographic developments. Nevertheless, there were NEVER as many people in Europe as there are today. And a hundred years ago there were 100 million fewer inhabitants in Europe, and still Europe was alive and it was living well. So this is also no motivation.

The motivation is a false ideology, that is, the ideology of multiculturalism. It’s the ideology that the more diversity, variety we have in a human community, the better. We should never ever accept that. We the Czechs, you Austrians.

Expect no direct changes. This is totally false: people ask me very often what will Trump do tomorrow, even with the Czech Republic? I say: absolutely nothing. People shouldn’t expect such direct and short-term results.

Trump reacted, and his victory demonstrated a change in America. This is totally important. People in America said: Stop, enough of that political establishment! We want to do it differently. And this is a revolutionary turning point, but such a revolutionary turn can bring only long-term, or hopefully mid-term changes.

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