US MSM Dodging On Ethnicity Of Copenhagen Gunman
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Not (of course) your average Dane.

The Los Angeles Times posted the above picture captioned An undated picture released by Copenhagen police in 2013 shows the man suspected of killing two people in shootings in Copenhagen but in its story Copenhagen attacks: Gunman was known to authorities for criminal past by Christina Boyle February 15 2015 somehow forgot to mention his name. Instead the story sheltered behind the intentionally misleading

Authorities have not released the alleged gunman's name, but described him as a 22-year-old Danish-born man.

However the UK’s less PC-dominated Daily Mail was more honest (and professional) citing Reuters:

Danish media widely reported the gunman to be Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein. Reuters could not confirm his identity and police declined to comment.
Danish police kill 22-year-old suspected of Copenhagen shootings By Sabina Zawadzki and Ole Mikkelsen. February 15 2015.

A Google News survey at present (5-35 PM NY time) indicates all the Anglophone news media sources actually naming El-Hussein are British.

Two thought experiments:

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