Update On NC "Mayberry" Killings—VDARE.com Reader Finds Perp Certainly An Immigrant, Maybe Illegal
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VDARE.com's readers are willing to go to lengths that the Main Stream Media's writers can't or won't go: one has established that the "Mayberry" perp was indeed an immigrant, maybe illegal.

Reader John J. Pershing (e-mail him) writes

Note that the NC Dept. of Corrections mug sheet on Chavez Gonzales indicates: "Detainer:-Y" That means that there was an INS detainer placed on this guy at some point between his original arrest for kidnapping and his illegal release on probation (people on probation are supposed to obey federal and state laws, IA's are ipso facto probation violators as soon as their probation intake interviews are conducted) as the second part of his "split sentence". A "split sentence" in NC is a ruse that allows judges to dodge the abolition of parole in NC under the "Truth In Sentencing Act" and "Structured Sentence Act".
and later writes:
Just got off the phone with Lt. Shelton regarding our boy's lodging history in the Surry County lock up.

First stay (under the name of Marcos Gonzalez Chavez anyway) was in 2001 for his felony child kidnapping charge which got him into the NC prison system with an INS detainer as previously pointed out.

Next was in 2006 for a little less than 30 days and a guilty plea in court for no operator's license arrest—released on time served as sentence.

Again on 6/06/06 for a parole violation. (from his child kidnapping conviction split sentence)

And now.

Gonzalez Chevez told Surry County detention intake officers that he was born in Mexico on this arrest. ICE has not issued a detainer yet. As of a few minutes ago Chavez Gonzalez has not received any visitors since his transfer from Virginia. I didn't ask, but my guess is that his first appearance in Surry County Court will be today and he'll get a court appointed defense attorney.

P.S.—Lt. Shelton is an affable fellow with a good sense of humor. It took him about 10 minutes to get to the phone because he was dealing with some sort of computer control problem on the sally port gates. I remarked that it sure was quite a leap from "one bullet" Barney getting locked in a cell by Otis the drunk to having computer problems with the sally port. He got a kick out of that.

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