Update On Failure To Report On Race
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In and earlier blog item, I wrote

"You know what would be a really useful thing to know in this story of interracial violence at a Lancaster, California school? The races of the students involved. Since this story is about nothing but race, it seems to be the first thing you’d ask. "

A reader pointed out this story which actually contains this detail, and adds that a teacher received a deep cut on his forearm:

The fight reportedly started in a hallway as students were heading for homeroom, the superintendent said. A Hispanic student and an African American exchanged racially charged insults, then progressed to shoving and punching, he said. A female teacher tried to intervene and was knocked to the ground and kicked. A male teacher then got involved and subdued one of the combatants, but he came away with a deep cut on his forearm, the superintendent said.

Both injured teachers were released from work to seek medical attention, while substitute teachers took over their classrooms.AV Press: Teachers hurt in student fight

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