Update: No Noose News At Obama Presidential Center
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From the Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday:

Construction resumes at Obama Presidential Center, days after noose found on site

The firm heading construction said all staff and on-site workers participated in anti-bias training and further security measures had been implemented.

By Sophie Sherry Nov 16, 2022, 7:39am PST

Construction has resumed at the Obama Presidential Center about a week after a noose was discovered on the site, according to the group overseeing the center’s construction on the South Side.

All staff and on-site workers participated in anti-bias training, and further security measures have been implemented, Lakeside Alliance said in a statement Wednesday.

“We will continue to provide assistance to the authorities regarding the ongoing investigation to identify the individual or individuals responsible for this horrific act.” the statement said. “While Lakeside Alliance understands that no amount of training will lessen the impact of last week’s heinous act, we will continue to provide anti-bias, inclusion and belonging training on an ongoing basis to help foster an inclusive work environment.”

Chicago police have not provided any updates on the investigation. …

The only pictures of the noose released so far are of a coil of rope faintly visible inside a white plastic trash bag.

Lakeside Alliance said it was offering a $100,000 reward for help in finding those responsible for “this shameful act.”

What with inflation and everything, I guess $100,000 just isn’t as big of a motivation as it used to be.

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