Upcoming On VDARE.com—New Light On James D. Watson
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My VDARE.com article, which will be up late the evening of Sunday, October 21, focuses on the latest ritual denunciations, this time of DNA legend James D. Watson. And, yes, I've found a new angle. On the way home Friday evening to write my VDARE article, which was due Saturday morning, I saw I was across the street from my favorite bookstore. You know how in cartoons, you have a white angel on one shoulder and a red devil on the other, offering conflicting advice? Well, on one shoulder I've got an eager beaver telling me, "Do some more research! Go buy Watson's book and skim it. You'll come up with some connection that nobody's seen before. Who needs sleep?"

And on my other shoulder is a tired bear who just wants to hibernate. "C'mon, there's been a million words written about this controversy already. Everybody's saying that Watson never thought about race and IQ before he just spouted that off the top of his head. Surely, if there was anything of interest in Watson's memoirs relevant to this story, it would be all over the place already. Who are you to find something new in something so hashed over? Anyway, you have to get to sleep before dawn."

Eventually, the beaver overcame the bear, so I bought Watson's book. Sure, enough, after an hour or two of reading, I strike paydirt. The most important part of Watson's book is directly focused on my obsessions. I wrote it up and sent it off to VDARE.com at 7:45 am, and crawled off to hibernate.

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