University Employee Fired For Complaining About Non-English Speaking Bus Driver
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Peter Domin, a Pace University employee (Pleasantville, New York), has been fired for sending an anonymous letter complaining about a Pace bus driver who couldn't speak English.The official reason for his firing, without due process, is that in the letter he claimed to be a student:

“Hi. I am a freshman this year on the Westchester campus…” the letter begins. “I was waiting for the bus on campus on Saturday in Westchester, and when it finally came I got on it. I asked the driver for a schedule and how often does this bus run into town, the gentlemen just smiled at me with no response. Some of the other students yelled out that his name is Hector and he does not speak a word of English and just smiles at you. I don’t think this is fair to your students, I am spending a lot of money coming here and I have to deal with this.”

Pace University litigant faked letter, got fired, by Diana Costello,, Aug 13 2009.

The common name for this is "whistleblowing". If Domin had signed his real name, rather than making it a complaint from a student, i.e. a customer, not an employee, he would just have been fired earlier.

You know how Pace University president Stephen J. Friedman found out who had sent the letter? He had it fingerprinted.

Who fingerprints letters of complaint? Apparently university administrations who think that it's racist to complain that their employees can't speak English. Email Pace's President Friedman.

See Peter Brimelow's comments on the power of Official English as a political issue here.

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