Universal pre-K: The Fuel-Injected Drag Racer Of Anti-Inequality Policies
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New New York mayor Bill De Blasio's signature campaign promise is to fight income inequality with universal pre-K education.[De Blasio’s Long Odds By Ross Douthat, January 4, 2014 ]

If universal pre-K works as well as the new mayor promises at reducing income inequality, its effects should be statistically noticeable by the 2040s, and be visible to the naked eye by the 2060s. By 2075, universal pre-K's effectiveness at fighting income inequality should be undeniable.

Are we really ready for social change that's that radical and fast-moving?

Seriously, when I mention the role illegal immigration and the like plays in the growth of income inequality in the U.S., I'm often told: But we can't worry about the next generation, we have to do something now that will work fast to fight income inequality!

So, here's the great liberal hope focusing on fighting income inequality one 4-year-old at a time.


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