Betrayed Again: Washington State "Dream Act" To Fund Illegal Aliens
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Washington citizens seeking an education are about to be betrayed again: Washington State HB 1817 would give illegal aliens access to state financial aid. Some are calling this a Washington State Dream Act because the illegals in question are the ones to whom Obama gave amnesty by executive order—without bothering to ask Congress.

Note that former Governor Gary Locke (himself descended from a Chinese illegal alien) already achieved in-state tuition for illegals. Now, if this bill becomes law, they will get financial aid too.

Rachelle Sharpe, director of student financial assistance at the Washington Student Achievement Council, said the grant program – which has $303 million for the 2012-13 school year – is already underfunded as demand for financial aid has risen sharply following the recession. She said that last year more than 29 percent of the 106,000 students who applied for the grant were denied due to lack of funding. [Bill would make some in US under special immigration status eligible for state financial aid] 

Observe the compounding effect such measures have on legal residents: First, granting illegal aliens in-state tuition rates means they take subsidized spots which could go to legal residents. Then, claiming there is not enough money, the University of Washington—paid for by taxpayers—bumps state residents in favor of foreign students who pay higher tuition. Now making illegal aliens eligible means less money to assist legal residents 

So potential students who are citizens or legal residents get not just a one-two punch, but a kick thrown in as well. Will the voters of this very liberal state react to the beat down of their own children? It is doubtful: liberals have a long history of self-destruction—witness their participation in the destruction of their country by third world invaders. 

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