Unions Blowing It On Hyatt Worker Replacement Scandal
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To summarize the situation, Hyatt housekeepers were forced to train their foreign replacements. A union called "Unite Here" offered to help these workers by organizing protests and boycotts.

Unite Here comes up with all sorts of reasons the Hyatt 100 lost their job, but immigration isn't one of them. Notice how they mention outsourcing but conveniently ignored the fact that the replacement workers used by the bodyshop are immigrants.

Hyatt fired 100 housekeepers from its three Boston-area hotels after asking the workers to train their replacements from an outsourcing agency.
The union is correct that the economy is being used an excuse by Hyatt, but the reason they can actually do what they are doing is IMMIGRATION.
Hyatt is using the economy as an excuse to dramatically lower the living standards of hotel workers in other cities as well.
The same thing is happening to Hyatt workers in San Francisco and Chicago. Not surprisingly Unite Here and the AFL-CIO are claiming to do something about the problem while ignoring the real issue: IMMIGRATION.

The unions decided to protest the Boston situation by encouraging participants to chant things like "S?­, se puede". That Spanish expression is used by the pro-amnesty crowds and Obama followers, who are often one and the same. Not a word was said about the reason Hyatt was able to replace American workers who are perceived to be more expensive — IMMIGRATION!

In the previous blog I wrote: "the immigration angle of this story is being swept under the rug by the mainstream media", which is just what happened. Local media like the Boston Globe dropped any connections that the Hyatt story had with immigration by simply failing to mention it was ever an issue. In contrast, their early articles on Hyatt did mention immigration without giving specifics.

So, how did things work out for those housekeepers that were replaced by cheap foreign laborers?

The Hyatt offered some of them jobs back but the terms were terrible. So far only 6 of 98 housekeepers have gone for the deal. I don't mean to seem callous, but it's actually kind of funny that Hyatt offered to hire the workers back but only if they agree to work for an outsourcing company called United Service Companies. How ironic is that?

The union and the ex-workers of Hyatt could make immigration an issue, which might lead to a different outcome than the miserable one they are getting now, but of course they won't because probably none of them understand how Einstein's famous statement about repeating errors and getting the same result applies to their failure to mention immigration. The unions would rather lose than be politically incorrect, and Hyatt management will be more than happy to accommodate them. Those Hyatt workers are more alone than they realize because even their "friends" aren't going to help to solve the real problem.

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