Unfriendly Migrants Continue to Enter Europe
August 01, 2018, 10:49 AM
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Here’s an odd scene from the bizarro world of illegal immigration into Europe these days: a large group of Africans muscled their way into Spain by attacking border guards with molotov cocktails and homemade flamethrowers. Yet they were apparently admitted instead of being arrested for assault.

It’s curious that the press persists in calling such persons “migrants” rather than “invaders” or “marauders.”

Below, invasive Africans climb a fence to enter an outpost of Spain on the continent of Africa.

Dale Hurd of CBN explains further:

Sweden has been willing to acquiesce to the will of the European Union that the illegal aliens be accepted and resettled.

Feces and Flamethrowers: Migrants Storm Gates of Europe as Muslim Radicalism Spikes 900% in Sweden, CBN.com, by Dale Hurd, July 30, 2018

Roughly 800 Africans stormed the border wall separating a Spanish enclave in Africa and Morocco last week. The migrants threw Molotov cocktails and feces at border guards and used lighters and aerosol cans to make flamethrowers. Once inside Spanish territory, they threw rocks at cars.

The European Union continues to try to force member states to take in the mostly Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East, but those who do now face soaring welfare costs, crime and terrorism.

The migrant issue has become a wedge dividing the European Union. The EU is still trying to punish nations who refuse to take Muslim refugees, but those who are – nations like Sweden – are paying a stiff price.

Most of the time Sweden looks like it’s functioning normally, but intelligence reports indicate the nation is sitting on a ticking time bomb of Muslim terrorism. A new report says Muslim radicalism in Sweden has increased by 900%.

Swedish terrorism expert Magnus Norell at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy says the chickens have come home to roost on Sweden’s open door immigration policy: “Our forecast is unless, unless we deal with this fairly soon, I mean head on, it’s gonna get from bad to worse I think.”

A report last year said crime in Sweden was on par with Mexico. And a new study by the European think tank Gefira says the native white Swedish population will be a minority within a maximum of 40 years.

But rather than addressing the problem, Sweden continues to shoot the messenger. In the latest case, a dental hygienist reported to government authorities that the teeth of some of his migrant patients showed that they were not children as they had claimed, but adults. He was fired and fined over $50,000. (Continues)