"Underperforming Barack Obama"
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From the L.A. Daily News:

Most of the parents who sign up for LAUSD's Choices program hope to send their child to a specialty magnet - a performing arts program for an aspiring actor, perhaps, or a medical academy for a would-be doctor. 

Sharette Arnold simply wanted a safe place for her twin boys. 

Fearful of gangs trolling her South L.A. neighborhood and dismayed at her sons' falling grades, Arnold took advantage of a less-publicized part of Choices. She pulled her sons out of the underperforming Barack Obama Global Prep Academy and enrolled them in Hale Charter Academy, a high-achieving campus in Woodland Hills where Cameron and Delion McDonald are thriving.


However, if Romney messes up the last debate, I claim dibs on the term "The Underperformin' Mormon," a phrase that Google tells me has so far only been applied to 7'6" ex-BYU basketball center Shawn Bradley.

The phrase Underperformin' Norman was coined by John Derbyshire for Bush Administration Transportation secretary Norman Mineta, who refused to allow ethnic profiling in airport security after 9/11 to prevent Japanese from being interned, or something.

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