"Underperforming Barack Obama"
October 22, 2012, 05:12 AM
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From the L.A. Daily News:

Most of the parents who sign up for LAUSD`s Choices program hope to send their child to a specialty magnet - a performing arts program for an aspiring actor, perhaps, or a medical academy for a would-be doctor. 

Sharette Arnold simply wanted a safe place for her twin boys. 

Fearful of gangs trolling her South L.A. neighborhood and dismayed at her sons` falling grades, Arnold took advantage of a less-publicized part of Choices. She pulled her sons out of the underperforming Barack Obama Global Prep Academy and enrolled them in Hale Charter Academy, a high-achieving campus in Woodland Hills where Cameron and Delion McDonald are thriving.


However, if Romney messes up the last debate, I claim dibs on the term "The Underperformin` Mormon," a phrase that Google tells me has so far only been applied to 7`6" ex-BYU basketball center Shawn Bradley.

The phrase Underperformin` Norman was coined by John Derbyshire for Bush Administration Transportation secretary Norman Mineta, who refused to allow ethnic profiling in airport security after 9/11 to prevent Japanese from being interned, or something.