UN Handing Out Debit Cards Worth $800 To Prospective Illegals In Mexico
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Todd Bensman on  the Center for Immigration Studies is reporting that the United Nations  International Organization for Migration (IOM) is handing out debit cards worth $800 to migrants hoping to enter the United States illegally.  As I recall from the AmRen conference, Peter Brimelow had advocated getting out of the United Nations treaties on refugees [Inside a Most Unusual Mexican Migrant Camp, by Todd Bensman, CIS.org, November 22, 2021].


Given how the vast, vast majority of asylum claims are fraudulent (yes, even the ones approved are often frauds), I would love it if we would.  However, I do wonder how that would work politically.  The blowback from the mainstream media and the Globalist Oligarchs would be unrelenting. 

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