UK TELEGRAPH Reports "London Schoolgirls" Running Away To Join the Islamic State
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Pictured: A London Schoolgirl, from Bethnal Green Academy

The Daily Telegraph is reporting on the "London Schoolgirls" who have run away to join the Islamic State. The headline reads Three missing London schoolgirls 'travelling to Syria to join Isil' Martin Evans, Telegraph, Feb. 21, 2015

The three teenage girls (two 15 and one 16) have left Britain and flown to Turkey, and are believed to intend to enter Syria to join the Islamic State. What a shocker!

Well, it's really not that shocking, if you're already familiar with this sort of thing. The girl's names are 1) Shamima Begum also known as Acklina Begum, (2) Kadiza Sultan,and 3)a third girls whose name hasn't been released. What do you want to bet it won't be a traditional English name?

Shamima and Kadiza are said by the article to be "British nationals" who "speak English with London accents and also speak Bengali". The unnamed girl also "speaks English".

In other words, these teenage girls are British-born Muslims who have decided to go to the Middle East and help the Islamic State.

Nor is this the first time British-born teenage girls have done this. According to the Telegraph,

Last year, twin teenage sisters, Zahra and Salma Halane, disappeared from their home in Manchester and flew to Istanbul, bound for Syria. It is thought the girls, who were just 16 at the time and were academic high fliers, followed their older brother who is believed to be a jihadist fighter in the region. The pair, who had dreamed of pursuing medical careers, later became jihadi brides, but were widowed when both their husbands were killed fighting for Isil. Earlier this month, one of the sisters posted images from Syria showing her completing self-defence training with AK47s and handguns.
Then there was this case:
In December, it was revealed that a 15-year-old girl had been prevented from joining Isil after police dramatically stopped her flight on the runway at Heathrow. The teenager, from Tower Hamlets, London, had secretly saved up money for her flight to Turkey, without her parents’ knowledge in the hope of travelling on to Syria.
If you scroll down in the article, which has several videos, there is one about "The Brits fighting on either side in Syria". It reports that "at least 500 Britons" have apparently gone to Syria to fight the Assad regime. By "Britons" of course, it means Muslims resident in Britain.

The video also reports the case of two British Army veterans, Jamie Read and James Hughes who have gone to Syria to fight alongside the Kurds, against the Islamic State. OK, these guys are British.

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