U.S. Creams Mexico in Soccer
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It's a sweet victory that the American soccer team smacked down Mexico, after being behind by a point in the Chicago match-up.

The United States came from a goal down to win the Gold Cup for the fourth time with a 2-1 victory over Mexico in an entertaining final on Sunday.

Mexico took the lead a minute before the break through Andres Guardado but the U.S. drew level with a Landon Donovan penalty in the 62nd minute and 10 minutes later Benny Feilhaber grabbed the winner with a superb volley. [U.S. fight back to beat Mexico 2-1 in final, Reuters 6/24/07]

The rivalry between the teams goes beyond normal sports competition. The state of near-warfare that exists on the border and in places of intense Mexican invasion is mirrored on the field. American star Landon Donovan (shown after the win) has had to put up with a lot of crap. But he gives back as good as he gets and wins when it counts.

The soccer situation reveals that Presidente Bush is full of frijoles when he characterizes Mexicans as our friendly neighbors. In fact, they hate us, as shown in polling and behavior.

Another measure of Mexicans' obsession with beating the U.S. at soccer was the low turnout at an invader rights rally in Hollywood, attributed to their staying home to watch the match. The local commies of ANSWER-LA planned to have 15,000 Marxicans but fewer than 1,000 showed up. Oops, the Mexican proletariet is not behaving!

As a result of American disinterest in soccer and open borders, the U.S. team usually faces a majority Mexican crowd. "Against Mexico, it's always an away game," according to midfielder DaMarcus Beasley.

Beasley also reports that "Landon is the most hated U.S. guy in Mexico."

More than Tom Tancredo? Excellent!

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