(Old) News You Can Use, I: The Enemy Mentality
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This week VDARE.com readers may be intensely engaged in the political fray. Their intensity might be spurred by reminders of enemy designs on our country.

One stark reminder is this sign advertising the May 1, 2006 mass march:

No Border Walls Though the image is a bit blurry, you can certainly make out the four demands in yellow lettering immediately below the "WE WANT!" Demand #1 is for "Immediate Legalization without Conditions," i.e. amnesty for everyone, presumably even if they slunk across the border five minutes ago.

More interesting, though, in revealing the enemy's mentality is Demand #2: "No Border Walls." Think about that for a moment: They don't "merely" want amnesty for those here illegally now. They want there to be no impediment to further illegal inflow!

Amnesty without end, amen!

That sign image reproduced here is still available at the website of the Mexican-American Political Association, MAPA. (Both English and Spanish versions of the sign are at this page. Note that they give particulars for the May 1, 2006 festivities in Santa Ana, CA.)

An early mover in MAPA was Bert Corona, the fierce-looking character at the top and (fittingly) extreme left of those MAPA pages. K. Lloyd Billingsley of the Pacific Research Institute has provided valuable reporting on various scandals in California's governance over the years, including the ever-growing overlap with ethnicity-driven politics. In this article, he covers Corona's (among others') rabble-rousing history, which included the demand that illegal aliens get the vote.

Current head of MAPA is ethnic grievance-merchant Larry (Nativo) Lopez, and I've heard Lopez himself beat the tom-toms about "no border walls."

This allergy to barriers on the border with Mexico isn't just lunatic-fringe stuff, either. (It's lunatic, alright, but not fringe.) Here are the words of Gerardo Sandoval, member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in an op-ed ("Democrats must push immigration reform," San Francisco Chronicle, November 17, 2006) shortly following the elections:

"Democrats need to be clear that the $6 billion border fence now under construction is not just a wasteful boondoggle, but an affront to all Latinos."

So, VDARE readers, if your ardor for the fight wanes, remind yourself what's at stake by recalling those three inspiring words: "No Border Walls."

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