U.S. Chamber Of Commerce: Stupid And Evil
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What a combination.  The Slave Power is at it again.  The Chamber of Commerce wants more and more aliens available to drive down wages, which, at least for them makes some sense, not in the long term when all those workers of ethnicity start voting for more and higher taxes.

Sooner or later the Chamber will be going Galt.

But back to the stupid part.  Just what does Thomas J. Donohue mean by this:

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Website

State of American Business, Remarks by Thomas J. Donohue President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

In addition, our laws must be revised to welcome needed labor and talent into our economy through thoughtfully-designed guest worker programs. This includes provisional visas for lesser-skilled workers. It also includes expanding the caps for high-skilled visas, and, expanding green cards for foreign nationals who graduate from our colleges and universities with advanced degrees.

Just what is a "provisional visa", pray tell?  This is just part of the problem with the immigration issue. Supposedly intelligent people just don't know anything about the issue.  There is no such thing as a provisional visa.  You either get a visa or not.  No half measures here.

 Of course it is hard to tell if Donohue is just stupid or if he is intentionally deceptive here.  Perhaps he hopes that the rubes reading this will think that "provisional" means something restrictive; that the alien entering the United States will be followed closely to see that he leaves, or doesn't get on welfare, or only gets a green card if he behaves.  

One does not know whether this is mendacity or stupidity, or more likely both.  Because just as there is no room for gun rights with increased immigration, so there is no room for the free market with people seeking the protections of a generous welfare state.  Something where business will have no place in the growing socialist collective.  

Donohue is just as stupid as Hugh Hewitt, who seems to think that amnestied illegal aliens will either be voting Republican or amnesty will cause the under 30 demographic to vote Republican.  Someone should point out that under 30 white people voted Republican, it was just the under 30 of color that are the problem.  And you can solve that by an Operation Wetback.

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