“Medicare Improperly Paid for Immigrant and Inmate Care”—More Welfare Fraud By Democrat Constituents
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Hot on the heels of news of the obvious Medicaid and Obamacare cost increases due to expansion to 20 million more welfare recipients due to amnesty is the continued fraud from criminals and illegal aliens.

NYT January 24, 2013 by the Associated Press

Medicare Improperly Paid for Immigrant and Inmate Care

Medicare paid more than $120 million from 2009 to 2011 in violation of federal law for medical services for inmates and illegal immigrants, according to two reports issued Thursday by federal health officials. The program was billed for more than $33 million in inmate care and more than $91 million in illegal-immigrant care over that period, according to the reports from the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general... The reports recommend that federal health officials establish a better system to automatically flag charges for inmates and illegal immigrants to stop illegal payments before they are made.

The tipping point is fast approaching.

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