U.S. Attorney in Philly Unleashes on SJW DA Larry Krasner—Good for Him!
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Larry Krasner is an odious "civil rights" lawyer who slithered his way to becoming the elected district attorney despite campaign events in which supporters broke into chants of "f*** the police."

This illuminating piece shows how he got there—with help from George Soros: George Soros’ Man in Philadelphia: District Attorney Larry Krasner is trying to overturn death sentences for horrific crimes in the name of criminal justice reform, by George Parry, Spectator.org, February 28, 2020.

Most recently, after police officer James O'Connor was gunned down, Philadelphia police officers linked arms to block Krasner from getting into the hospital.


But Krasner has another enemy, and this one's got some power.

William McSwain is the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and his most recent statement is about the strongest-worded statement I've ever seen under a Department of Justice URL:


Statement of U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain Regarding the Murder of Philadelphia Police Corporal James O’Connor

The Murder Was the Direct Result of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s Pro-Violent Defendant Policies
Monday, March 16, 2020

McSwain all but accuses Krasner of killing O'Connor, who was trying to serve a warrant for a violent criminal who was running free because of the lax policies of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.

McSwain sees Krasner for what he is:  an ultra-left jackhole who's bent on turning the city of Philadelphia into a sanctuary city for all stripes of criminals, and endangering both citizens and police in the process.

We hear a lot from the SPLC that "hate talk" foments violence, and perhaps it does—but Krasner's brand of hate puts police at risk.  They know Krasner supports the criminals, not the police or the public.

White men still seek police jobs in big cities because the benefits are good and there's the potential for exciting work.  But it's getting more and more dangerous.

It's also turning more openly into a simple race war. 

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