U Florida President Complains Of Security Cost Of Hosting Richard Spencer—But It Wouldn't Cost That If Antifa Got "Exemplary Punishment"
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University of Florida President Kent Fuchs [Email him] is complaining about the cost of hosting a Richard Spencer speech:
University chief: Security cost for Spencer speech 'unfair'

By Jason Dearen, Associated Press

Gainesville, Fla. — October 18, 2017

A day before white nationalist Richard Spencer is scheduled to speak at the University of Florida, its president affirmed his belief in free speech but said the security costs of holding such an event at a public university put an unfair burden on taxpayers.

UF President W. Kent Fuchs said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press that Spencer is "hijacking" public universities — which are compelled by the First Amendment to provide a speaking forum — and forcing taxpayers to pay the resulting security costs.

Fuchs estimates the school will spend $600,000 on security for Spencer's planned speech Thursday. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the government, in this case a public university, cannot charge speakers for security costs.

Spencer's National Policy Institute is paying $10,564 to rent space for the speaking event.

"I fully understand freedom of speech cannot be burdened legally with the full cost of this, but on the other hand we're being burdened," said Fuchs, sitting in his office on campus in Gainesville. "So taxpayers are subsidizing hate speech."[More]

Spencer is just making a speech—the problem is not him, but Antifa turbas which can relied on to show up and attack him and his audience physically. So what the Florida taxpayer is subsidizing is not hate speech but hated speech.

And the only reason they're doing that is that the police haven't been arresting enough rioters, the courts haven't been putting them in jail, and their universities haven't been expelling them.

The answer is to use the "ruthless coercion" and "exemplary  sentencing" that authorities have been using against alleged "hate crimes" and white dissidents.

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